Jul 26 2019: Releases free cd  Cosmic Pearls (Acoustic CD)

Jun 03 2019: Mixes on acoustic tracks in the works.

May 22 2019: Videos for I Deny And Undone posted.

Mar 13 2019: Tracking vocals for I Deny acoustic (video posted)

Aug 24 2018: Releases Castles In The Sky (Single)

Jan 5 2018: Releases Digital Repeat Purchase

Apr 15 2017: Quits Haunt of Jackals

Apr 14 2017: Porn Songs To Keep A Beat To: Vol.I is released worlwide. Purchase

Mar 14 2017: Premiered newest solo single Cycloptic Song location

Feb 10 2017: Completed Haunt of Jackals album with producer Cameron Webb (Megadeth/Motorhead) Blabbermouth


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